Niki Maritz

About Me

Niki grew up with a creative whim about her. The world was never a simple place, there was always magic behind using her hands to make whatever it is that caught her attention. Niki studied Information Design at University of Pretoria in South Africa, this has been an excellent base for her crafty side. Despite studying design, her heart has always been that of an artist who preferred the beauty of a handmade, one-of-a-kind creation. After years of painting and drawing using a range of media, Niki found herself needing to be more sculptural. Fibre art certainly held appeal for her as she dabbled (a little) in traditional New Zealand harekeke weaving and finally, dry needle felting. The magic lies in taking something soft and transforming it into something, 3 dimensional, whimsical and magical. Niki makes special creatures and sculptures, to be adopted and to spread happiness one fibre sculpture at a time. Niki lives in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Felted Sculptures

This is a sample of my work. This one has already sold.

Please be in touch to have your own custom gnome made.

More creatures and fairytale characters coming soon

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